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Every 10 seconds in the world diabetes is diagnosed in another person. Every 6 seconds someone dies due to its complications. Almost 382 millions people in the world, including 3 million in Poland, is currently suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes is the first non-infectious disease recognized by the United Nations Organisation as an epidemic of the 21st century. It is estimated that in 2035, the number of patients will reach 592 million.


It accounts for about 10% of all diabetes cases. It mainly affects children, adolescents and people under 30. It is a chronic disease. Untreated, it leads to death.

In the years 2005 - 2020, the number of cases in children will increase by 70%, including up to 50% in children under 5 years of age.



Comhensive support for people with type 1 diabetes, in particular children, adolescents and families of children suffering from diabetes. Our charges are people from both the Mazovia region and other regions of Poland.


1. Overcoming difficult life situations, supporting activity

- Social assistance, including help for families and people in a difficult situation in life and equalizing their opportunities
- Activities for people with disabilities

2. Healthcare
- Protection and promotion of health

3. Sport, turism, rest
- Supporting and disseminating physical culture and sport
- Tourism and sightseeing
- Resting for children and young people


The Foundation works for people with diabetes since 1997. Every year, the Foundation is used by over 600 families struggling with diabetes. Regular activities of the Foundation:

1. Organizing the World Day to Fight Diabetes

- social campaign: events in public space, open character of the event – participants: sick and healthy people
- campaign's goal: information, screening test, vention
- range and partners: activities in Masovia (mainly Warsaw) with friendly non-governmental organizations as part of a nationwide campaign
Budget: own resources, financial assistance from private sponsors and companies and resources from national and EU subsidies.

2. Organization of rehabilitation and integration stays in summer and winter for children and adolescents with diabetes and for younger children with carers

- 4 - 5 stays during the year
- the number of participants: about 400 people / year, including about 300 children and 80-100 parents / guardians budget: participants' contributions + co-financing from the Foundation's own resources and PFRON

3. Organization of training for parents and children

- Education and diabetic reeducation for parents and carers as well as children and adolescents;
- Form: unpaid lectures and workshops with specialist doctors, diabetologists, dieticians, psychologists, educators, distributors of medical equipment, on average 2-3 meetings / month, approx. 20-30 people participate in each meeting /
Budget: own resources and volunteering.

4. Diabetic education in schools and kindergartens

- Organization and conducting training within the project: "Care for a child with type 1 diabetes in educational institutions"
- Form: free trainings and workshops for employees of educational institutions and health care units (teachers, pedagogues, nurses) run by diabetology educators, approx. 40 people participate in the training /
Budget: own resources and volunteering.

5. Organization of special events and integration meetings (workshops for children and parents)

- big outdoor events: "Children's Day", "Christmas party", "Carnival Ball", "Let's give rest to moms" (attendance: 100 - 450 participants / event)
- workshops at the headquarters of the Foundation: Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine, etc. (attendance: 20-30 participants)
Budget: own resources +volunteering + grants.

6. Organization of sport events

- Learning and improving skills in swimming in the indoor pool (1 x week, approx. 20 children)
- Teams: football, basketball, volleyball (1 x week, approx. 20 people/ section)
- Regular trainings, participation in matches and tournaments
Budget: own resources + grants.

7. Ongoing support for the charges

- running sub-accounts and acquiring financial resources for charges, etc.1%
- duties / consultations at the headquarters of the Foundation (3 x a week): Management and educators

8. Cooperation with other entities operating in a diabetological environment

- co-organization of informational and educational social campaigns
- journalism in publishing houses and on professional portals
- co-organization and participation in conferences, diabetological congresses, etc.

9.The Foundation is supported by many people from the world of sports

Since 2016 The Ambassadors of the Foundation have been two footballers playing in the Premier League and first-class clubs - Jarosław Jach from Crystal Palace F.C. , as well as Łukasz Moneta from Zagłębie Lubin, or Tomasz Nawotka from Zagłębie Sosnowiec. They help in sading the knowledge about diabetes in the sports environment, and actively support the Foundation by donating various football attributes to charity auctions. These types of auctions are in media and are very popular. Moreover official club pages are involved in their promotion.


The Foundation has updated on a regular basis:
• thos website,
• profile on Facebook, which approaches thousands of recipients in the country https://www.facebook.com/warszawskieslodziaki


The Foundation works for people, especially children and adolescents with diabetes since 1997. Currently, more than 600 charges annually use the Foundation's help and activity. The Foundation's goal is to provide comhensive support to children, adolescents and adults with diabetes.

The Foundation pursues its statutory goal, in particular through:

  • organizing and financing medical help for people with diabetes,
  • organization of sports and recreation events
  • organization of rehabilitation stays and other forms of rest for diabetics with partial payment,
  • sading health education,
  • diabetes education,
  • promoting with all possible ways the problems of children and people with diabetes
  • distribution of medical equipment helpful in the treatment of diabetes,
  • cooperation with other people (physical and legal) that conduct business that coincides with the Foundation's goal,
  • initiating and organizing charity campaigns and other ventures aimed at obtaining financial resources for the Foundation.


  • dr Maria Lipka
  • Marta Ośmiańska
  • Barbara Prasowska
  • Aleksandra Subocz
  • dr Agnieszka Szypowska
  • Małgorzata Zakrzewska (Chairwoman of the Council)


  • President of the Foundation - Dagmara Staniszewska
  • Vice President of the Foundation - Sylwester Manowski


HQ address: ul. Szpitalna 5/16, 00-031 Warszawa
tel.: 730 698 135; 22 827-99-92
mail: fundacja@fundacja-cukrzyca.pl


REGON: 010294620
NIP: 525-15-80-629
KRS: 8bca2f0163346


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